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The Code Enforcement Department was established to provide quality of life and respect the rights of our citizens' property. This is accomplished by the enforcement of our rules and regulations. The fair and equitable enforcement and voluntary compliance of our codes and ordinances is our highest goal.


Gary Stocco - Code Enforcement Officer

Office Hours: Please email to set up an appointment

Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Our Code Enforcement Department will respond to complaints and verify their validity. If the complaint is a valid one, the officer will issue a notice of violation. The notice of violation will specify the section of the code ordinance that has been observed to be in violation and a date for compliance. Code Compliance staff and the officer will be available to assist and inform how to resolve and cure the violation. Notices that are ignored will result in fines and ultimately the property may be lien. Residents must respond on a timely matter to any notice issued, sent by mail, or posted By our Code Enforcement Officer. Remember that any notice mailed or posted by the Code Enforcement Department is an attempt to communicate with the owner, resident, or business of the property to resolve any violation that may exist. It is the intention of the Code Enforcement Department to always assist, educate, and obtain compliance for the good of the community. Code Complaint form to complete and submit for review


Up to Code? The Borough of Pine Beach has enacted ordinances to ensure community standards and higher quality of life for all residence. Pine Beach residence, owners and managers of commercial properties, and business alike are asked to join the effort to beautify our Borough. Let's keep our neighborhoods, beaches, and entire community attractive for our enjoyment. Pine Beach is out home - it's our responsibility to keep it clean and up to code. The Code Enforcement Department would like to keep you informed of the most common violations and how to correct them. You can find out about the Borough's Code of Ordinances by visiting our ECode Book.                                                                                                                        

International Property Maintenance Code 2021 - Pine Beach has adopted the 2021 version of IPMC. For code related questions, please email for more details.


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