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Municipal Alliances are community based prevention organizations which are established in all 21 counties. Alliances plan, coordinate and conduct alcoholism, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention activities. Municipal Alliances provide over 3,800 prevention programs throughout the state. Established in 1989, the New Jersey Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA) coordinates all state, county and local efforts regarding alcoholism, tobacco and other drug abuse in New Jersey. The Council has two major functions. One is to develop a yearly comprehensive Statewide Master Plan for Alcoholism, Tobacco and other Drug Abuse. The second is to administer the Municipal Alliance Program. The use of illicit drugs and inappropriate use of legal substances among young people remains unacceptably high. Substance abuse cuts across all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic boundaries affecting all of society. Approximately 504,000 New Jerseyans are alcohol dependant: at least 163,000 additional individuals are also drug dependent. Funding for the Alliance to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse and GCADA is provided by Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction (DEDR) fines. The fines are collected at the municipal level from persons convicted of drug related offenses and are used to help develop community focused substance abuse prevention programs.


The goal of the Pine Beach Municipal Alliance Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse is to identify the needs within the community (individual, family, school and community).  The Pine Beach Municipal Alliance aims to coordinate and develop prevention and detection against drug and alcohol abuse and respond to these needs and educate and provide resources to the general public and help address these needs.  One of our top priorities is to educate students, parents and educators about underage drinking and drug use in order to increase awareness of the problem and provide encouragement, resources and alternative activities for our youth.  Additionally, we provide funding for programming which aims to improve the health, safety and well-being of all members of the Pine Beach Community offering several programs aimed at educating our senior population and many intergenerational activities.  Just some of our events include school dances, STEP Parenting Classes offered with adjoining towns, the Walk Against Drugs held in coordination with the national night out against crime, the Move Today Program and WISE programs and meetings for our senior population, arts and crafts classes where anti drug and alcohol messages are given.  With the help of GCADA the Pine Beach Municipal Alliance will refine and expand existing programs as well as create new prevention awareness activities of interest to all ages within the community.




The Pine Beach Municipal Alliance  

For Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Awareness and Prevention





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